Sylvain Flanagan is a sound and visual artist who lives and works in New York.

Selected solo shows or performances

2010 “Retours (à)" at Charlie Horse Gallery, New York
2009 “I am a tree" at Grace Space, New York
2008 “WIBR” at Gendai Heights Gallery, Tokyo
2007 “Clouds and trees” at Sensei Gallery, New York
2003 “No News Brother” at Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
2002 “There” at Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
2001 “Me the places where you went” at Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, New York

Selected group shows
2010 Governors Island Art Fair, New York - collaboration with Jeremy Slater
2007 “WIBR” in Bazaar at the Anthology Film Archives, New York
2001 “End of the world” in Not so sure, New York
2000 Film Club Four Walls (several performances), Brooklyn, New York
1999 “Passages” in Basse Definition, Public, Paris
1998 Mega – Salon Portrait show, Jorgensen Gallery, New York
Soiree, Limoges, France
Vitrines, Printed Matter, New York
Film Club Four Walls at Art in General, New York
Fabienne Gautier, Tom Jarmusch and Sylvain Flanagan, Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
1997 Film Club Four Walls, New York
Le triangle, Rennes, France
Slide show with Fabienne Gautier and Tom Jarmusch, Richmond, Virginia, USA
Carte Blanche, Musee Barrois, Bar-Le-Duc,, France
1996 5 artistes francais, Galerie Monumental, Lisbonne, Portugal
Supports/Images, Espace Jacques Prevert, Aulnay-sous-Bois, France
10 jours de l’Art Contemporain, Hopital Ephemere, Paris
1995 Voisins et amis, A l’ecart, Montreuil, France
La photographie dans les choses, Sabanci Center, Istanbul, Turkey
1994 “Petit Interieur 5 pieces” with Ami Garmon, Soirees Nomades, Fondation Cartier, Paris
Collection of the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris
“Petit Interieur 5 pieces” with Ami Garmon, L’Hiver de l’Amour, Museum of Contemporary Art of the city of Paris, Paris

2008 Zing Magazine : port-folio
2003 Zing Magazine issue 18 interview with Emily Kuber
2002 Zing Magazine issue 16 show review by Bernardo Zavattini
2001 Zing Magazine issue 12 : 15 pages port-folio
2000 On issue 1, Paris
Base de Donnes, Paris New York
1997 Carte Blanche – catalog, Bar-le-Duc, France
1996 Supports/Images – catalog, Aulnay-sous-Bois, France
1995 La Photographie dans les choses – catalog, Istanbul, Turkey
1994 L’hiver de l’Amour – catalog, Paris
Purple Prose, collaboration with Ami Garmon, Paris